Family: Poaceae
Torreyochloa image
Steve C. Garske  

Key to Wisconsin Torreyochloa

Authors: Robert W. Freckmann, John G. Zaborsky, Emmet J. Judziewicz

    • 1a.Leaf blades 2–4 mm wide; ligules 3–6 mm long; larger lemmas 2–2.5 mm long T. fernaldii

    • 1b.Leaf blades 5–10 mm wide; ligules 5–10 mm long; larger lemmas 2.7–3.5 mm long T. pallida

The species in this genus have been included in Glyceria and Puccinellia in the past. They differ from Puccinellia in having acute lemmas with more numerous, prominently raised nerves. Torreyochloa species differ from Glyceria in having unfused leaf sheaths.