Dryopteridaceae image
Derek Anderson  

Key to Wisconsin Dryopteridaceae

Author: Robert W. Freckmann

    • 1a.Pinnae and pinnules lacking a single enlarged lobe at the base; leaves deciduous, or evergreen, not exceptionally dark green, glossy, or leathery; indusium reniform, attached at a narrow sinus Dryopteris

    • 1b.Pinnae or pinnules (if twice pinnate) each with an enlarged lobe on the upper side at the base, pointing upward; leaves glossy dark green, leathery, and evergreen or nearly evergreen; indusium round, peltate Polystichum

A worldwide family of 26 - 29 genera and over 2,100 species. It remains the largest family of ferns, even with the removal in recent years of Athyriaceae. Cystopteridaceae, Diplaziopsidaceae, Onocleacae, Thelypteridaceae and Woodsiaceae.