Nothocalais cuspidata (Pursh) Greene
Family: Asteraceae
false dandelion, prairie dandelion, prairie false dandelion
Nothocalais cuspidata image
Kitty Kohout  
Etymology: Microseris: from the Greek micros, "small," and seris, "a lettuce-like plant"
Plants: erect, perennial, 3"-12" tall forb with milky juice
Leaves: alternate, crowded near the base, narrow with a pointed tip, entire but edges often rough
Flowers: head 1" wide with yellow ray flowers; inflorescence with 1 head at the end of a long, bare stalk arising from the base of the plant; blooms April-May
Fruits: dry seed with 10 ribs on bright, white, fluffy pappus
Habitat: sun; dry; prairies; in rocky soil
Conservation Status: Special Concern