Neottia auriculata (Wiegand) Szlach.
Family: Orchidaceae
auricled twayblade
[Listera auriculata Wiegand]
Neottia auriculata image
Jeff Hapeman  
Etymology: Listera: after Martin Lister (1638-1711), an English naturalist
Plants: erect, perennial, 4"-10" tall forb; stems smooth below, mostly fuzzy above the leaves
Leaves: single pair, opposite, stalkless, near the middle of the stem, round to oval, 3/4"-2 1/3" long and longer than the stalk of the inflorescence
Flowers: pale green to bluish-green, 6-parted; lip 1/4"-2/5" long, wide base, divided to about 1/4 of its length; inflorescence with up to 20 stalked flowers in a loose, terminal, spike-like cluster (raceme); blooms July-Aug.
Habitat: wet; bare sands in alder thickets, along streams near Lake Superior
Conservation Status: Endangered