Family: Fabaceae
Hylodesmum image
Christopher Noll  

Key to Wisconsin Hylodesmum

    • 1a.Inflorescence on a naked peduncle arising from ground level, the leafy stem separate from it and with leaves clustered at the apex; pedicels 1 cm or more in length; terminal leaflet elliptic to ovate, acute or rounded (rarely short acuminate) at its apex H. nudiflorum

    • 1b.Inflorescence terminating a single, leafy stem, the leaves clustered below the peduncle; pedicels less than 1 cm long; terminal leaflet round-ovate with a pronounced acuminate tip H. glutinosum

Both our species were formerly included in Desmodium but morphological and genetic data show that they should be treated in a separate genus.
Species within Green Lake County 2016