Cornus sericea L.
Family: Cornaceae
red osier dogwood
Cornus sericea image
Merel R. Black  
Etymology: Cornus: Latin cornu for "horn," probably referring to the hardness of the wood
Plants: perennial, 3' - 10' tall shrub; stems smooth, reddish-purple
Leaves: stalked, opposite, ovate to lance-like, whitish below, 1"-5" long
Flowers: white, 4-parted; inflorescence a 1"-2" flat, branched cluster (cyme); blooms June-July
Fruits: white-blue berry
Habitat: moist
Conservation Status: Native - potentially invasive
- Leaves with 5-6 lateral veins per side

- Upper leaf surface with short appressed hairs and/or softer, longer, wavy hairs

- Bark green but turning red in the fall

- Fruit (drupes) white

- Pith white