Family: Brassicaceae
Sisymbrium image
PNW Weed Management Handbook  

Key to Wisconsin Sisymbrium

Author: John G. Zaborsky

    • 1a.Fruits (0.7–) 1–1.4 (–1.8) cm long; pedicels appressed to the rachis S. officinale

    • 1b.Fruits 2–10 (–13) cm long; pedicels spreading. 2

    • 2a.Fruiting pedicels as thick as the fruit; upper cauline leaves finely divided into narrow linear segments S. altissimum

    • 2b.Fruiting pedicels narrower than the fruit; upper cauline leaves pinnately lobed or merely toothed, not finely divided S. loeselii

Species within Outagamie County 2016