Salix bebbiana Sarg.
Family: Salicaceae
beaked willow, Bebb's willow, long-beaked willow
[Salix bebbiana var. capreifolia Sarg.,  more...]
Salix bebbiana image
Michael Clayton  
Salix bebbiana image
Michael Clayton  
Etymology: Salix: Latin name for the willow and meaning "to leap or spring" in reference to its fast growth
Plants: perennial tree 8'-20' tall; often with several trunks; shiny gray-green bark with many reddish marks becoming rough and furrowed with age
Leaves: elliptic to widely oval to obovate, smooth on top, underside whitened, edges mostly without teeth
Flowers: 1"-2" long, fuzzy, very lax catkin
Habitat: moist to wet
Conservation Status: Native