Plantago aristata Michx.
Family: Plantaginaceae
bracted plantain, buck-horn, large-bracted plantain
Plantago aristata image
from USDA Plants website  
Plantago aristata image
University of Wisconsin - Madison (WIS-VP)  
Etymology: Plantago: from Latin planta meaning "foot print"
Plants: erect, annual/perennial, 5"-10" tall, thinly hairy forb; taprooted
Leaves: mostly linear to 7" long, stalks flaring and papery at the sheathing base
Flowers: cream, 4-parted, tiny, 2-lobed; leaf-like, hairy, long bracts below the flowers, 4 stamens barely protruding; inflorescence a 1"-2 1/3" woolly, cylindrical spike; blooms June-Nov.
Habitat: dry; disturbed sites
Conservation Status: Introduced - naturalized