Brule River State Forest

Project Managers: Mary Ann Feist
During the summer of 2015, an ambitious vegetation re-survey of the Brule River watershed forests, barrens, wetlands and aquatic zones was launched. The target areas for the survey duplicate and expand upon the earlier studies conducted by Dr. Thomson and Dr. Davidson. A three-year project is planned to complete a re-examination of the Brule River watershed spanning 160 years (1856-2018).
Research Checklists
The symbol opens the species list as an interactive key.

What is a research checklist?

Research checklists are pre-compiled by biologists. This is a very controlled method for building a species list, which allows for specific occurrences to be linked to the species names within the checklist and thus serve as vouchers. Occurrence vouchers are proof that the species actually occurs in the given area. If there is any doubt, one can inspect these occurrences for verification or annotate the identification when necessary.