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Families: 66

Genera: 208

Species: 326

Total Taxa: 329 (including subsp. and var.)

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Maianthemum canadense
wild lily-of-the-valley
Maianthemum racemosum
Maianthemum stellatum
starry false Solomon's-seal
Maianthemum trifolium
three-leaf Solomon's-plume
Malaxis unifolia
green adder's-mouth
Malva moschata
musk mallow
Malva neglecta
common mallow
Matricaria discoidea
disc mayweed
Melampyrum lineare
narrow-leaved cow-wheat
Melilotus albus
white sweet-clover
not yet
Menyanthes trifoliata
common buckbean
Mitchella repens
Mitella diphylla
two-leaf miterwort
Mitella nuda
small bishop's-cap
Mollugo verticillata
Indian chickweed
Monotropa uniflora
Myosoton aquaticum
water chickweed
Napaea dioica
glade mallow
Nelumbo lutea
Nymphaea odorata
fragrant water-lily
Oenothera nuttallii
white evening-primrose
not yet
Onosmodium bejariense
false gromwell
Orobanche fasciculata
clustered broom-rape
Orobanche uniflora
one-flowered broom-rape
Orthilia secunda
one-sided wintergreen
Osmorhiza claytonii
hairy sweet cicely
not yet
Oxalis montana
mountain wood-sorrel
Oxypolis rigidior
stiff cowbane
Panax trifolius
Parietaria pensylvanica
Pennsylvanian pellitory
Parnassia glauca
fen grass-of-Parnassus
Paronychia canadensis
smooth-forked nailwort
Penstemon digitalis
tall white beard-tongue
Penthorum sedoides
ditch stonecrop
Pilea fontana
lesser clearweed
Pilea pumila
Canadian clearweed
Plantago patagonica
woolly plantain
Plantago rugelii
Rugel's plantain
Platanthera clavellata
small green fringed orchid
Platanthera lacera
ragged fringed orchid
Platanthera leucophaea
prairie white fringed orchid
Platanthera obtusata
blunt-leaved orchid
Platanthera orbiculata
large round-leaved orchid
Pogonia ophioglossoides
snakemouth orchid
Polanisia dodecandra
rough-seed clammy-weed
Polygala senega
senega root
Polygala verticillata
whorled milkwort
Polygonatum biflorum
Polygonella articulata
northern jointweed
Prenanthes alba
white rattlesnakeroot
Prenanthes racemosa
purple rattlesnake-root
Pterospora andromedea
woodland pinedrops
Pycnanthemum virginianum
Virginia mountain mint
Pyrola elliptica
wax-flower shin-leaf
Raphanus sativus
wild radish
Rubus flagellaris
whiplash dewberry
Rubus parviflorus
western thimbleberry
Rumex crispus
yellow dock
Sagina procumbens
matted pearlwort
Scleranthus annuus
German knotgrass
Scleranthus perennis
perennial knawel
Scrophularia lanceolata
lance-leaf figwort
Sibbaldiopsis tridentata
shrubby five-fingers
Sicyos angulatus
Silene antirrhina
sleepy silene
Silene nivea
white campion
Silene noctiflora
sticky cockle
Silene vulgaris
Sinapis alba
white mustard
Sium suave
Smilax ecirrhata
upright carrion-flower
Smilax illinoensis
Illinois greenbrier
Smilax tamnoides
Solanum ptychanthum
West Indian nightshade
Solidago bicolor
white goldenrod
Solidago ptarmicoides
upland white goldenrod
Sparganium eurycarpum
giant bur-reed
Spergula arvensis
corn spurry
Spiraea alba var. alba
white meadowsweet
Spiranthes cernua
nodding lady's-tresses
Spiranthes lacera
northern slender lady's-tresses
Spiranthes lacera var. gracilis
slender lady's-tresses
Spiranthes lucida
wide-leaved lady's-tresses
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