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Families: 114

Genera: 420

Species: 908

Total Taxa: 1027 (including subsp. and var.)

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Boehmeria cylindrica (L.) Sw. - small-spike false nettle
Laportea canadensis (L.) Wedd. - Canadian wood-nettle
Pilea pumila (L.) A.Gray - Canadian clearweed
Urtica dioica - stinging nettle
Verbena hastata L. - swamp verbena
Verbena urticifolia L. - white vervain
Viola adunca Sm. - sand violet
Viola blanda Willd. - sweet white violet
Viola canadensis L. - tall white violet
Viola cucullata Aiton - marsh blue violet
Viola nephrophylla Greene - northern bog violet
Viola pedata f. rosea Sanders - bird's-foot violet
Viola pubescens Aiton - yellow violet
Viola renifolia A.Gray - white violet
Viola sagittata Aiton - arrow-leaved violet
Viola sororia Willd. - hairy wood violet
Vitis riparia Michx. - river bank grape