Calumet County 2016
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Families: 96
Genera: 303
Species: 525 (species rank)
Total Taxa: 553 (including subsp. and var.)

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Galium boreale L. - northern bedstraw
Galium triflorum Michx. - sweet-scented bedstraw
Houstonia longifolia Gaertn. - long-leaved bluets
Zanthoxylum americanum Mill. - northern prickly-ash
Populus tremuloides Michx. - trembling aspen
Salix amygdaloides Andersson - peach-leaved willow
Salix discolor Muhl. - pussy willow
Salix interior Rowlee - sandbar willow
Salix lucida Muhl. - shining willow
Salix petiolaris Sm. - slender willow
Acer negundo L. - box elder
Acer saccharinum L. - soft maple
Acer spicatum Lam. - mountain maple
Mitella diphylla L. - two-leaf miterwort
Mitella nuda L. - small bishop's-cap
Scrophularia lanceolata Pursh - lance-leaf figwort
Verbascum thapsus L. - giant mullein
Smilax ecirrhata S.Watson - upright carrion-flower
Smilax illinoensis Mangaly - Illinois greenbrier
Smilax tamnoides L. - hellfetter
Solanum dulcamara L. - deadly nightshade
Staphylea trifolia L. - American bladdernut
Dirca palustris L. - rope-bark
Typha angustifolia L. - narrow-leaved cat-tail
Typha latifolia L. - common cat-tail
Typha X glauca Godr. - white cat-tail
Ulmus americana L. - white elm
Ulmus pumila L. - Siberian elm
Ulmus rubra Muhl. - slippery elm
Laportea canadensis (L.) Wedd. - Canadian wood-nettle
Parietaria pensylvanica Muhl. ex Willd. - Pennsylvanian pellitory
Pilea pumila (L.) A.Gray - Canadian clearweed
Verbena hastata L. - swamp verbena
Verbena urticifolia L. - white vervain
Viola affinis Leconte - sand violet
Viola canadensis L. - tall white violet
Viola pubescens Aiton - yellow violet
Viola sororia Willd. - hairy wood violet
Vitis riparia Michx. - river bank grape