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Families: 38

Genera: 105

Species: 142

Total Taxa: 142 (including subsp. and var.)

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Oenothera nuttallii
white evening-primrose
Oxypolis rigidior
stiff cowbane
Parietaria pensylvanica
Pennsylvanian pellitory
Parnassia glauca
fen grass-of-Parnassus
Paronychia canadensis
smooth-forked nailwort
Penthorum sedoides
ditch stonecrop
Pilea pumila
Canadian clearweed
Plantago rugelii
Rugel's plantain
Platanthera obtusata
blunt-leaved orchid
Platanthera orbiculata
large round-leaved orchid
Polanisia dodecandra
rough-seed clammy-weed
Polygala verticillata
whorled milkwort
Polygonella articulata
northern jointweed
Prenanthes alba
white rattlesnakeroot
Prenanthes racemosa
purple rattlesnake-root
Pycnanthemum virginianum
Virginia mountain mint
Raphanus sativus
wild radish
Scleranthus annuus
German knotgrass
Scleranthus perennis
perennial knawel
Scrophularia lanceolata
lance-leaf figwort
Silene noctiflora
sticky cockle
Silene vulgaris
Solanum ptychanthum
West Indian nightshade
Solidago bicolor
white goldenrod
Solidago ptarmicoides
upland white goldenrod
Spergula arvensis
corn spurry
Spiranthes cernua
nodding lady's-tresses
Spiranthes lacera
northern slender lady's-tresses
Spiranthes romanzoffiana
hooded lady's-tresses
Stellaria media
common chickweed
Sullivantia sullivantii
Sullivant's cool-wort
Trifolium hybridum
alsike clover
Urtica dioica
stinging nettle
Verbena urticifolia
white vervain