Blue/Purple Wildflowers of Autumn
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Families: 17
Genera: 29
Species: 44 (species rank)
Total Taxa: 44 (including subsp. and var.)
Aconitum columbianum
Columbian monk's-hood
Agastache foeniculum
lavender giant hyssop
Aster laevis var. laevis
smooth blue aster
Aster linariifolius
stiff aster
Aster novae-angliae
New England aster
Aster oblongifolius
oblong-leaved aster
Aster oolentangiensis
sky-blue aster
Aster puniceus
swamp aster
Aster sericeus
western silvery aster
Campanula rapunculoides
rover bellflower
Commelina communis
common dayflower
Echium vulgare
Galeopsis tetrahit
Gentiana andrewsii var. andrewsii
prairie closed gentian
Gentiana puberulenta
prairie gentian
Gentianopsis crinita
greater fringed gentian
Gentianopsis procera
small fringed gentian
Ipomoea purpurea
tall morning-glory
Lespedeza virginica
Virginia lespedeza
Lindernia dubia
moist bank pimpernel
Lobelia kalmii
Ontario lobelia
Lobelia siphilitica
great blue lobelia
Myosotis scorpioides
water scorpion-grass
Penstemon gracilis
slender beard-tongue
Platanthera psycodes
lesser purple fringed orchid
Ruellia humilis
Wild petunia
Scutellaria lateriflora
mad-dog skullcap
Solanum dulcamara
deadly nightshade
Verbena bracteata
prostrate vervain
Verbena hastata
swamp verbena
Verbena stricta
hoary vervain
Veronica americana
American speedwell
Veronica scutellata
skullcap speedwell
Veronica serpyllifolia
thyme-leaved speedwell
Viola pedata
bird's-foot violet