Compiled by Mary Ann Feist
Citation: Epstein, E.E. 2017. Natural communities, aquatic features, and selected habitats of Wisconsin. Chapter 7 in The ecological landscapes of Wisconsin: An assessment of ecological resources and a guide to planning sustainable management. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, PUB-SS-1131H 2017, Madison.
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Families: 8

Genera: 12

Species: 15

Total Taxa: 15 (including subsp. and var.)

Maianthemum trifolium - three-leaf Solomon's-plume
Betula papyrifera - white birch
Carex magellanica - boreal bog sedge
Carex oligosperma - few-seeded sedge
Carex trisperma - three-seeded sedge
Eriophorum vaginatum - tussock cotton-grass
Vaccinium oxycoccos - small cranberry
Vaccinium vitis-idaea - mountain-cranberry
Larix laricina - tamarack
Picea mariana - black spruce
Arceuthobium pusillum - eastern dwarf mistletoe
Acer rubrum - red maple
Sarracenia purpurea - purple pitcher-plant