Mary Ann Feist
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Locality: Glacial Lake Grantsburg Properties, Burnett County, Wisconsin

In 2018, the Wisconsin State Herbarium and the Botanical Club of Wisconsin held the first annual Wisconsin Botanical Foray!  The Foray was a weekend of camping, comradery, and, of course, collecting plants! It was held at Crex Meadows State Wildlife Area and included exploration of the nearby Fish Lake State Wildlife Area and Amsterdam Sloughs State Wildlife Area, all in Burnett County in northwestern Wisconsin.

Over the course of the two days we were able to collect 575 specimens in duplicate. Duplicates were collected so we can share the bounty with other herbaria.  Some of the spring and early summer flowering species were collected on separate scouting trips to Crex Meadows SWA by WSH curators Mark Wetter and Mary Ann Feist and their students, with the assistance of Paul Hlina, Derek Anderson, and Rick Haug.  An additional 271 vouchers were collected during these trips for a total of 864 specimens.

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Families: 80

Genera: 218

Species: 366

Total Taxa: 404 (including subsp. and var.)

Euphorbia geyeri Engelm. - Geyer's spurge
Hypericum canadense L. - lesser Canadian St. John's-wort
Persicaria arifolia (L.) Haraldson - Halberd-leaf tearthumb
Drymocallis arguta (Pursh) Rydb. - prairie cinquefoil tall cinquefoil tall potentilla
Potentilla norvegica L. - strawberry-weed
Xyris torta Sm. - slender yellow-eyed-grass