Mary Ann Feist
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Locality: Iron County, Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Botanical Foray is an annual event hosted by the Wisconsin State Herbarium and the Botanical Club of Wisconsin. The purpose of the Foray is to document and voucher the flora of a part of the state that has not been well-documented previously. The event takes place over three days. Professional and amateur botanists and plant enthusiasts come together to collect plants from natural areas in the target area. Teams go out each day to collect plant specimens which will be deposited at the Wisconsin State Herbarium and other herbaria in the state. The plants collected add to our knowledge of the state\\\'s flora. The 2019 Foray was held at various SNAs in Ircon County. This is a vouchered list of all the specimens collected during the 2019 Foray. Separate species lists are provided above for each SNA that was visited during the event.

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