Euphorbia commutata Engelm.
Family: Euphorbiaceae
tinted spurge,  more...
[Euphorbia commutata var. erecta Engelm.,  more]
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Etymology: Euphorbia: for Euphorbus, corpulent Greek physician of Juba II, King of Mauretania. Juba, educated in Rome, and married to daughter of Antony and Cleopatra. From eu, "good" and phorbe, "pasture or fodder," thus giving euphorbos the meaning "well fed."
Plants: erect to drooping, annual/perennial, 4"-12" tall, hairless forb often branched from the base; stems drooping and often producing new shoots the following year
Leaves: upper leaves petal-like; many, usually stalkless, alternate, oval to oblong stem leaves
Flowers: greenish, young ones reddish; no petals or sepals, upper leaves petal-like; inflorescence a whorled umbel; blooms April-June
Fruits: 3-lobed, smooth capsule with light gray, pitted seeds
Habitat: shade; moist; woods, hillsides
Conservation Status: Special Concern
Euphorbia commutata image
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Euphorbia commutata image
from USDA Plants Website  
Euphorbia commutata image
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