Scleranthus annuus  
Family: Caryophyllaceae
annual knawel, German knotgrass
Scleranthus annuus image
Kitty Kohout  
Etymology: Scleranthus: from Greek scleros, "hard," and anthos, "flower," from the extremely hard hypanthium or calyx tube
Plants: spreading annual, to 6" tall, bushy, wiry forb; stems with many forks
Leaves: opposite, growing together at the base, linear, pointed
Flowers: greenish, tiny, 5-parted, mostly stalkless, no petals, pointed sepals with thin whitish edges; inflorescence a tight, branched cluster; blooms June-Sept.
Habitat: disturbed areas
Scleranthus annuus image
Kurt Stüber  
Scleranthus annuus image
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