Schoenoplectus pungens (Vahl) Palla  
Family: Cyperaceae
chair-maker's rush, common three-square bulrush
[Schoenoplectus pungens var. badius (Vahl) Palla, Schoenoplectus pungens var. longispicatus (Vahl) Palla, Schoenoplectus pungens var. pungens (Vahl) Palla, Scirpus americanus var. longispicatus Pers., Scirpus americanus var. monophyllus Pers., Scirpus chilensis Nees & Meyen ex Kunth, Scirpus monophyllus J.Presl & C.Presl, Scirpus pungens Vahl, Scirpus pungens subsp. monophyllus Vahl, Scirpus pungens var. longispicatus Vahl]
Schoenoplectus pungens image
Hugh H. Iltis  
Etymology: Schoenoplectus: Greek a 'rush leek' ' plecto for "plaited, twisted" schoenos for "rush or reed"
Plants: erect, perennial, to 5' tall, semi-aquatic, emergent sedge; stems triangular; firm rhizomes
Leaves: merely short sheaths at stem base
Flowers: inflorescence tight clustered spikelet from side of bract at stem top, spikelet of sharp-pointed red-brown scales
Fruits: nutlet, with 2 bristles, stubby beak
Habitat: wet; marshes shores in water 2'-3' deep
Schoenoplectus pungens image
Robert W. Freckmann  
Schoenoplectus pungens image
Schoenoplectus pungens image
Schoenoplectus pungens image
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