Rubus occidentalis L.  
Family: Rosaceae
black raspberry, black-cap
[Rubus occidentalis f. pallidus L., Rubus occidentalis var. pallidus L.]
Rubus occidentalis image
Theodore S. Cochrane  
Etymology: Rubus: Latin name for "bramble" or "blackberry"
Plants: erect to arching, perennial shrub; first year's canes sometimes rooting at the tip, whitened; a few fine thorns with wide bases
Leaves: undivided to 3-5 parted with deep, irregular teeth; underside covered with soft gray or white fuzz
Flowers: white, 5-parted, 1/2" wide, petals shorter than the sepals; inflorescence of 3-7 flowers in a dense, umbel-like cluster (cyme) and also 1 or 2 from the upper leaf axils; blooms May-June
Fruits: purple/black, 1/3" thick, round berry with a hollow center
Habitat: dry to moist; woods, fields, thickets
Conservation Status: Native
Rubus occidentalis image
Rubus occidentalis image
Rubus occidentalis image
Rubus occidentalis image
Michael Clayton  
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