Rosa arkansana Porter  
Family: Rosaceae
dwarf prairie rose, prairie rose, sunshine rose, wild prairie rose
[Rosa alcea Greene, Rosa arkansana var. arkansana , Rosa arkansana var. suffulta (Greene) Cockerell, Rosa conjuncta Rydb., Rosa lunellii Greene, Rosa pratincola Greene, Rosa relicta Erlanson, Rosa rydbergii Greene, Rosa suffulta Greene, Rosa suffulta var. relicta Greene]
Rosa arkansana image
Robert H. Read  
Etymology: Rosa: ancient Latin name whose meaning has been lost
Plants: erect, perennial, under 40" tall, clone-forming shrub; stems densely prickly on most of the stem and internodes, thorns straight and unequal
Leaves: pinnately-divided with 9 or 11 oval to oblong, sharply toothed leaflets, often fuzzy beneath
Flowers: pink to rose, 5-parted, at the top of this year's branches and often on last year's side branches, the sepals persistent; inflorescence a wide cluster (corymb) of stalked flowers
Fruits: red/purple, smooth, berry-like hips
Habitat: sun to partial sun; prairies, meadows
Conservation Status: Native
Rosa arkansana image
Rosa arkansana image
Craig Rekoske  
Rosa arkansana image
Rosa arkansana image
Robert W. Freckmann  
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