Prunus virginiana  
Family: Rosaceae
[Padus virginiana (L.) Mill.]
Prunus virginiana image
Etymology: Prunus: ancient Latin name for the plum
Plants: perennial tree
Conservation Status: Native
- pair of glands at top of petiole (base of blade)

- elongate raceme with 12-20 or more flowers

- leaves obovate to lanceolate, widest at or above the middle, dull above

- margins finely serrate - the teeth narrowly acuminate and ascending to spreading

- calyx lobe with gland-tipped teeth

- leaves usually glabrous below, if hairs they spread out along the laeral veins and aren't restricted to the midvein as in P. serotina

Prunus virginiana image
Prunus virginiana image
Prunus virginiana image
Elizabeth Parnis  
Prunus virginiana image