Lactuca floridana (L.) Gaertn.
Family: Asteraceae
blue lettuce,  more...
[Lactuca floridana var. villosa (L.) Gaertn.,  more]
Lactuca floridana image
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Etymology: Lactuca: name for "milk"
Plants: erect, annual/biennial, 2' - 6 1/2' tall forb with milky juice; stems leafy
Leaves: mostly stalked, bases not arrow-shaped, toothed to pinnately-divided
Flowers: head 3/8" wide with 11-17 blue to white rays; inflorescence with many heads in open branched cluster; blooms June-Sept.
Fruits: dry seed with several obvious lines on both sides, on white, fluffy pappus
Habitat: moist; thickets, woods
Conservation Status: Native
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