Hypericum canadense L.
Family: Hypericaceae
Canadian St. John's-wort,  more...
[Hypericum canadense var. galiiforme L.,  more]
Hypericum canadense image
Etymology: Hypericum: ancient Greek name derived from hyper, "above," and eikon, "picture," from old practice of placing flowers above an image in the house to ward off evil spirits at the midsummer festival of Walpurgisnacht, which later became feast of St. John
Plants: erect, annual, 4"-24" tall forb
Leaves: mostly linear, taping to a narrow base, 5-10 times as long as wide, 1-3 veins, stalkless leaf drawing
Flowers: yellow, 5-parted, 1/4" wide; inflorescence a branched, usually loose cluster (cyme) of stalked flowers; blooms July-Sept.
Fruits: purple, conical capsule fruit drawing
Habitat: wet; shores, meadows; in sandy, muddy soil
Conservation Status: Native
Hypericum canadense image
Weed Society of America  
Hypericum canadense image
Kenneth J. Sytsma  
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Caroline A. Creevey  
Hypericum canadense image
Hypericum canadense image
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