Geum canadense Jacq.  
Family: Rosaceae
white avens
[Geum canadense var. camporum Jacq.]
Geum canadense image
Kitty Kohout  
Etymology: Geum: an ancient Latin name used by Pliny for this group
Plants: erect, perennial, 16"-36" tall forb with slender stems
Leaves: mostly 3-parted to undivided, toothed; long-stalked basal leaves with the end and side segments mostly alike
Flowers: white, 5-parted, 1/2" wide, spreading petals nearly as long or longer than the sepals; inflorescence of erect flowers on long stalks in a branched cluster (corymb); blooms May-June
Fruits: hooked, dry seeds in a roundish cluster
Habitat: dry to moist; woods, disturbed sites
Conservation Status: Native
- petals white, as long or longer than sepals

- small bractlets present between sepals

- receptacle pilose, beaks eglndular

- pedicel puberulent,, but usually without any long hairs

- leaves tending to be trifoliate

Geum canadense image
Merel R. Black  
Geum canadense image
Robert H. Read  
Geum canadense image
Stephen L. Solheim  
Geum canadense image
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