Erigeron annuus (L.) Pers.  
Family: Asteraceae
annual fleabane, eastern daisy fleabane
[Erigeron annuus f. discoideus (L.) Pers., Erigeron annuus var. discoideus (L.) Pers.]
Erigeron annuus image
Etymology: Erigeron: from Greek eri, "early," and geron, "old man," thus meaning "old man in the spring," referring to the fluffy, white seed heads and the early flowering and fruiting of many species
Plants: erect, annual, 2'-4' tall forb with dense foliage; stems with long spreading hairs
Leaves: basal leaves elliptical and coarsely toothed, stem leaves widely lance-like, usually sharply toothed, and not clasping
Flowers: head 1/2" - 3/4" wide with 80-125 white to pinkish rays up to 1/3" long, disks yellow and flat; inflorescence of several to many heads; blooms June-Sept.
Fruits: dry seed on fluffy pappus
Habitat: disturbed areas
Conservation Status: Native
Erigeron annuus image
Botancial Illustration  
Erigeron annuus image
Erigeron annuus image
Erigeron annuus image
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