Betula populifolia Marshall
Family: Betulaceae
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Betula populifolia image
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Etymology: Betula: ancient Latin name
Plants: perennial tree usually less than 40' tall, widely pyramid-shaped; trunks often clustered and erect; usually less than 6" in diameter; smooth bark dark reddish brown becoming grayish white with age; dark, horizontal lenticels
Leaves: leaf widely oval to deltate or rhombic; edges coarsely, irregularly, sometimes doubly toothed
Flowers: male catkin 1"-2" long; blooms in late spring
Fruits: nearly cylindrical, erect to hanging fruit clusters; samara wings much wider than the body, widest near the center
Habitat: moist to dryish; open woods, slopes, waste places; in rocky to sandy soil
Conservation Status: Introduced – locally established
Betula populifolia image
William A. Hoch  
Betula populifolia image
Betula populifolia image
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