Betula papyrifera Marshall  
Family: Betulaceae
canoe birch, paper birch, white birch
[Betula alba var. elobata L., Betula alba var. papyrifera L., Betula papyracea Aiton, Betula papyrifera var. commutata Marshall, Betula papyrifera var. elobata Marshall, Betula papyrifera var. macrostachya Marshall, Betula papyrifera var. papyrifera Marshall, Betula papyrifera var. pensilis Marshall, Betula papyrifera var. subcordata Marshall, Betula subcordata Rydb.]
Betula papyrifera image
Derek Anderson  
Etymology: Betula: ancient Latin name
Plants: perennial, to 65' tall tree often with several trunks and narrow crowns; bark dark reddish brown turning reddish white to tan or bronze with age, peeling in thin sheets; dark, horizontal lenticels
Leaves: Narrowly ovate to ovate with a short tip; edges with coarse or irregular double teeth, usually with a heart-shaped base; mostly hairy below
Flowers: catkin usually about 2" long; blooms in late spring
Fruits: cylindrical, hanging fruit clusters; samara wings wider than the body, widest near the top
Habitat: moist; rocky slopes, rich woods
Betula papyrifera image
Michael Clayton  
Betula papyrifera image
Betula papyrifera image
Matthew L. Wagner  
Betula papyrifera image
Paul Drobot  
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