Trientalis borealis Raf.  
Family: Primulaceae
American starflower, maystar, northern starflower
[Trientalis americana Pursh, Trientalis borealis subsp. borealis Raf.]
Trientalis borealis image
Etymology: Trientalis: Latin name meaning "third part of a foot," referring to height of plant
Plants: erect, perennial, 4"-8" tall forb; from slender rhizomes
Leaves: clustered in a whorl at the top of the stem; also usually with a small, scale-like leaf near the middle of the stem
Flowers: white, 7 or more-parted, 1/3"-1/2" wide, saucer-shaped, petals pointed; inflorescence of 1 or more, long-stalked flowers from the leaf axils; blooms May-June
Habitat: moderate moisture; forests, bogs; in rich soil
Conservation Status: Native
Trientalis borealis image
Trientalis borealis image
Matthew L. Wagner  
Trientalis borealis image
Trientalis borealis image
Caroline A. Creevey  
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