Rorippa aquatica (Eaton) E.J.Palmer & Steyermark
Family: Brassicaceae
lake cress
[Armoracia aquatica (Eaton) Wiegand,  more]
Rorippa aquatica image
William S. Alverson  
Etymology: Armoracia: Celtic name referring to "saline," favorite habitat of this plant
Plants: perennial, aquatic forb, hairless; stems partly submersed or floating; fibrous roots along the stems
Leaves: submersed leaves finely divided into filament-like segments; emergent leaves lance-like to oblong with sharp lobes or toothed edges
Flowers: white, 4-parted, short stalked, petals rounded at the top
Fruits: inflated, oval pod, 1 seed chamber fruit drawing; seeds rarely maturing
Habitat: quiet water, shores, water to 7' deep
Conservation Status: Endangered
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