Lepidium didymum L.
Family: Brassicaceae
lesser swine-cress,  more...
[Carara didyma (L.) Britton,  more]
Lepidium didymum image
Kitty Kohout  
Etymology: Coronopus: from Greek korone, "crown," and pous, "foot," from the deeply cleft leaves like the points of a crown
Plants: sprawling annual/biennial, 4"-16" tall forb, with a foul odor; many branches from a central point; long taproot
Leaves: oblong, pinnately-divided
Flowers: white to greenish, tiny, 4-parted, petals barely longer than the sepals; inflorescence a cluster of stalked flowers; blooms June-Sept.
Fruits: round, tightly clustered, coarsely wrinkled pod
Habitat: disturbed areas
Conservation Status: Introduced - adventive
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