Crataegus magniflora Sarg.  
Family: Rosaceae
[Crataegus corusca Sarg., Crataegus corusca var. gigantea Sarg., Crataegus corusca var. hillii Sarg., Crataegus fulleriana var. magniflora Sarg., Crataegus fulleriana var. miranda f. magniflora Sarg., Crataegus hillii Sarg., Crataegus holmesiana var. magniflora Ashe]
Crataegus magniflora image
Etymology: Crataegus: Greek cratos for "strength" because of the hardness of the wood
Plants: perennial shrub
Conservation Status: Native
Crataegus magniflora image
Crataegus magniflora image
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