Commelina erecta var. deamiana Fernald
Family: Commelinaceae
erect dayflower,  more...
[Commelina erecta var. greenei L.]
Commelina erecta var. deamiana image
Kitty Kohout  
Etymology: Commelina: after the two Dutch botanists Johan (1629-1692) and his nephew Caspar (1667-1731) Commelin, known to Linnaeus and Charles Plumier, a French Franciscan monk, botanist and traveler who apparently named this flower.
Plants: erect to drooping, branching perennial up to 40" tall forb; thick, fibrous roots
Leaves: white-haired sheaths closed near the base sheath drawing
Flowers: blue, 3-parted, 1/3"-1" wide, much smaller lower petal white; folded bracts, below the flower, partially connected towards the base; blooms July-Sept.
Habitat: dry; dunes, streambanks; in sandy soil
Conservation Status: Special Concern
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