Kickxia elatine (L.) Dumort.  
Family: Plantaginaceae
sharp-leaved cancerwort
Kickxia elatine image
Etymology: Kickxia: after Jean Kickx Jr. (1803-1864), and/or his father Jean Kickx (1775-1831); Belgian professors of botany
Plants: drooping or trailing annual, to 20" tall forb; stems not rooting
Leaves: triangular
Flowers: yellow, 5-parted, slender spur at the base, upper lip purple inside, stalks mostly smooth; solitary from the leaf axils
Conservation Status: Introduced - adventive
Kickxia elatine image
from USDA Plants website  
Kickxia elatine image
PNW Weed Management Handbook  
Kickxia elatine image
Botanical Illustration  
Kickxia elatine image
from USDA Plants Website  
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