Thaspium trifoliatum var. flavum S.F.Blake
Family: Apiaceae
purple meadow-parsnip,  more...
[Thaspium aureum (L.) Nutt.,  more]
Thaspium trifoliatum var. flavum image
Margery Melgaard  
Etymology: Thaspium: like Thapsia referring to island of Thapsus, a peninsula on Sicily, now Magnisi
Plants: erect, perennial, 12"-32" tall forb, mostly smooth and with only a few branches; stems hollow, ridged
Leaves: basal leaves usually not divided, widely-oval with a heart-shaped base; upper leaves pinnately-divided with 3-5 finely toothed leaflets
Flowers: yellow, 5-parted, all flowers stalked; inflorescence 1"-3" compound, long-stalked umbels with 6-10 small umbellets on irregular stalks; blooms May-June
Fruits: dry, elliptical, 3/4 as long as wide including the broad wings, splitting into 2 seeds
Habitat: woods
Conservation Status: Special Concern
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