Boltonia asteroides var. recognita (Fernald & Griscom) Cronquist
Family: Asteraceae
false aster,  more...
[Boltonia latisquama var. microcephala A.Gray,  more]
Boltonia asteroides var. recognita image
Robert Bierman  
Etymology: Boltonia: for James Bolton, English botanist of the 18th century
Plants: perennial, 2'-4' tall forb
Leaves: widely linear to lance-like, getting smaller toward the top
Flowers: disk up to 1/3" wide, many white to pink rays 1/3" - 1/2" long, bracts (phyllaries) usually linear; inflorescence with up to 25 heads in branched, roundish-topped clusters; blooms July-Sept.
Fruits: dry seed with a winged margin
Habitat: full to partial sun; dry to wet; in sandy, loamy soil
Conservation Status: Native
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