Rubus hispidus L.  
Family: Rosaceae
bristly dewberry, swamp dewberry
[Rubus compos L.H.Bailey, Rubus fassettii L.H.Bailey, Rubus hispidus f. pleniflorus L., Rubus hispidus var. cupulifer L., Rubus hispidus var. obovalis L., Rubus obovalis Michx., Rubus plus L.H.Bailey, Rubus rowleei L.H.Bailey, Rubus sempervirens Bigelow]
Rubus hispidus image
Kenneth J. Sytsma  
Etymology: Rubus: Latin name for "bramble" or "blackberry"
Plants: trailing, perennial shrub; first year's canes normally rooting at the tip, small thorns thin and mostly straight
Leaves: 3 or 5 parted into toothed leaflets; dark green and shiny
Flowers: white, 5-parted, 1/2"-3/4" wide; inflorescence of several to many short-stalked flowers in raceme-like cluster; blooms June-Aug.
Fruits: reddish-black, sour berry
Habitat: swamps, acidic woods, bogs
Conservation Status: Native
Rubus hispidus image
Rubus hispidus image
Rubus hispidus image
Emmet J. Judziewicz  
Rubus hispidus image
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