Rosa multiflora Thunb. ex Murray  
Family: Rosaceae
multiflora rose
[Rosa cathayensis (Rehder & E.H.Wilson) L.H.Bailey, Rosa multiflora var. cathayensis Thunb.]
Rosa multiflora image
Etymology: Rosa: ancient Latin name whose meaning has been lost
Plants: arching, perennial, 5'-12' tall shrub forming dense clones, very prickly with curved thorns; stems bright green to reddish
Leaves: pinnately-divided with 5-11 elliptical, toothed, leaflets to 1" long
Flowers: white, 5-parted, 1/2"-1 1/4" wide, sepals becoming deciduous; inflorescence of many stalked flowers in large, branched clusters (panicle
Fruits: red, smooth, berry-like hips
Habitat: sun to partial shade; pastures, woods
Invasiveness: Restricted Invasive - Eradicate!
Conservation Status: Introduced - escaped; ecologically invasive and nuisance weed
Rosa multiflora image
Merel R. Black  
Rosa multiflora image
(c)Barry A. Rice/The Nature Conservancy  
Rosa multiflora image
Christopher Noll  
Rosa multiflora image
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