Lysimachia quadriflora Sims  
Family: Primulaceae
narrow-leaved loosestrife, smooth loosestrife
[Lysimachia longifolia Pursh, Steironema quadriflorum (Sims) Hitchc.]
Lysimachia quadriflora image
Robert W. Freckmann  
Etymology: Lysimachia: probably for Greek king Lysimachus or maybe from Greek lysis for "a release from" and mache for "fighting or strife"
Plants: erect, perennial, 1'-2' tall, branched forb; short rhizomes
Leaves: linear, firm, gradually tapering to stalkless base, not dotted, edges mostly smooth
Flowers: yellow with a rusty- red "eye", 5-parted, 1/2"-1" wide, stamens distinct; inflorescence a cluster at the ends of the stems and branches; blooms July-Aug.
Habitat: moist to wet; prairies, meadows; in limy soil
Conservation Status: Native
Lysimachia quadriflora image
Christopher Noll  
Lysimachia quadriflora image
Kenneth J. Sytsma  
Lysimachia quadriflora image
Botanical Illustration  
Lysimachia quadriflora image
Merel R. Black  
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