Impatiens pallida Nutt.  
Family: Balsaminaceae
pale touch-me-not, yellow jewelweed, yellow touch-me-not
Impatiens pallida image
Dennis W. Woodland  
Etymology: Impatiens: Latin for "impatient" referring to explosive action of fruit to disperse seed
Plants: erect, annual, 2'-6' tall forb, smooth, branched near the top; stems watery inside
Leaves: soft, long-stalked
Flowers: yellow, 5 (looks like 3)-parted, 1"-1 1/2" long, tubular shape, drooping on thin stalks, spurred and lipped; inflorescence a widely-spreading cluster (raceme) from the leaf axils; blooms July-Sept.
Fruits: long, narrow capsule, exploding when ripe
Habitat: moist; woods, forests, meadows, streambanks
Conservation Status: Native
Impatiens pallida image
John M. Schoeneker  
Impatiens pallida image
Derek Anderson  
Impatiens pallida image
Botanical Illustration  
Impatiens pallida image
Aaron Carlson  
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