Cakile edentula subsp. edentula var. lacustris (Bigelow) Hook. (redirected from: Cakile lacustris)
Family: Brassicaceae
American sea-rocket
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Cakile edentula subsp. edentula var. lacustris image
Emmet J. Judziewicz  
Etymology: Cakile: an old Arabic name for this plant
Plants: erect to sprawling, annual, 4"-20" tall, succulent forb, bushy with many branches
Flowers: white to purple, 4-parted, 1/4" wide, oblong petals; blooms July-Oct.
Fruits: pod corky when dry; divided into 2 unequal parts like a figure 8, the top part only slightly larger and 4-angled fruit
Habitat: shores; in sandy soil
Conservation Status: Special Concern
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