Barbarea vulgaris W.T.Aiton  
Family: Brassicaceae
garden yellow-rocket, winter-cress, yellow-rocket
[Barbarea arcuata (Opiz ex J.Presl & C.Presl) Rchb., Barbarea vulgaris var. arcuata W.T.Aiton, Barbarea vulgaris var. brachycarpa W.T.Aiton, Barbarea vulgaris var. longisiliquosa W.T.Aiton, Barbarea vulgaris var. sylvestris W.T.Aiton, Campe barbarea (L.) W.Wight ex Piper]
Barbarea vulgaris image
Josh Sulman  
Etymology: Barbarea: named after St. Barbara and once generally known as her herb, or the Herba Sanctae Barbarae
Plants: erect, biennial/perennial, 8"-32" tall forb, dark green, branched toward the top
Leaves: pinnately-lobed to deeply-toothed, clasping; lower leaves with a large, rounded end lobe and 1-4 pairs of smaller side lobes; stems leaves getting smaller toward the top and becoming merely oval
Flowers: yellow, 4-parted, 1/2" wide; inflorescence a crowded cluster (raceme) of stalked flowers; blooms April-June
Fruits: long, thin pod roundish in cross-section; seeds in 1 row; fruit drawing
Habitat: moist; fields, disturbed sites, gardens
Hazardous: Careful, this plant is hazardous!
Conservation Status: Introduced - naturalized
Barbarea vulgaris image
Matthew L. Wagner  
Barbarea vulgaris image
Merel R. Black  
Barbarea vulgaris image
Paul Drobot  
Barbarea vulgaris image
Robert W. Freckmann  
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