Amaranthus tuberculatus (Moq.) J.D.Sauer  
Family: Amaranthaceae
rough-fruited amaranth, rough-fruited water-hemp, tall water-hemp
[Acnida altissima Riddell ex Moq., Acnida altissima var. prostrata Riddell ex Moq., Acnida altissima var. subnuda Riddell ex Moq., Acnida concatenata (Moq.) Small, Acnida subnuda (S.Watson) Standl., Acnida tamariscina (Nutt.) A.W.Wood, Acnida tamariscina var. concatenata (Nutt.) A.W.Wood, Acnida tamariscina var. prostrata (Nutt.) A.W.Wood, Acnida tamariscina var. tuberculata (Nutt.) A.W.Wood, Acnida tuberculata Moq., Acnida tuberculata var. prostrata Moq., Acnida tuberculata var. subnuda Moq., Amaranthus altissimus Riddell, Amaranthus ambigens Standl., Amaranthus cannabinus var. concatenata L., Amaranthus rudis J.D.Sauer, Amaranthus tuberculatus var. prostratus (Moq.) J.D.Sauer, Amaranthus tuberculatus var. subnudus (Moq.) J.D.Sauer]
Amaranthus tuberculatus image
Corey Raimond  
Etymology: Amaranthus: from the Greek amarantos for "unfading," referring to the long-lasting flowers
Plants: erect or drooping, annual, up to 6' tall forb with many branches
Flowers: red to brown, tiny, 0-5-parted; inflorescence of many densely-flowered, rounded, usually separated spikes from the leaf axils and at the end of the stem
Habitat: moist; usually ditches and shores
Conservation Status: Native
Amaranthus tuberculatus image
Kitty Kohout  
Amaranthus tuberculatus image
Robert Bierman  
Amaranthus tuberculatus image
Emmet J. Judziewicz  
Amaranthus tuberculatus image
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