Abutilon theophrasti Medik.  
Family: Malvaceae
piemarker, velvet-leaf
[Abutilon abutilon (L.) Rusby, Abutilon avicennae Gaertn.]
Abutilon theophrasti image
Stephen L. Solheim  
Etymology: Abutilon: from the Arabic word for a mallow-like plant
Plants: erect, annual, 1'-4' tall, stout, branched, softly hairy forb
Leaves: large, broadly heart-shaped, velvety, on stalks about as long as the leaves
Flowers: yellow to orange, 5-parted, 1/2"-1" wide; inflorescence a cluster of stalked flowers from the leaf axils; blooms July-Oct.
Fruits: round cluster up to 1" wide with star-like beaks on the top
Habitat: sun; dry; disturbed sites
Conservation Status: Introduced - naturalized
Abutilon theophrasti image
Janice Stiefel  
Abutilon theophrasti image
Kitty Kohout  
Abutilon theophrasti image
Botanical Illustration  
Abutilon theophrasti image
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