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Common Names
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Families: 1
Genera: 77
Species: 260 (species rank)
Total Taxa: 261 (including subsp. and var.)

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Achillea ptarmica
Ambrosia psilostachya
western ragweed
Ambrosia tomentosa
skeleton-leaf bur-sage
Ambrosia trifida
Anaphalis margaritacea
western pearly everlasting
Antennaria howellii
Howell's pussy-toes
Antennaria neglecta
field pussy-toes
Antennaria parlinii
plantain pussy-toes
Anthemis arvensis
corn chamomile
Anthemis cotula
Anthemis tinctoria
yellow chamomile
Arctium lappa
great burdock
Arctium minus
lesser burdock
Arctium tomentosum
woolly burdock
Arnoglossum atriplicifolium
pale Indian-plantain
Arnoglossum plantagineum
prairie Indian-plantain
Arnoglossum reniforme
Muhlenberg's cacalia
Artemisia abrotanum
Artemisia annua
sweet wormwood
Artemisia biennis
biennial wormwood
Artemisia dracunculus
false tarragon
Artemisia frigida
prairie sage-wort
Artemisia pontica
Roman wormwood
Artemisia serrata
toothed sage
Artemisia stelleriana
dusty-miller sage-wort
Aster borealis
slender white bog aster
Aster ciliolatus
northern heart-leaved aster
Aster cordifolius
common blue wood aster
Aster drummondii
hairy heart-leaved aster
Aster dumosus
rice-button aster
Aster ericoides
white heath aster
Aster firmus
glossy-leaved aster
Aster furcatus
midwestern white heart-leaved aster
Aster hesperius
common Western lined aster
Aster laevis
smooth blue aster
Aster lanceolatus
eastern lined aster
Aster lateriflorus
side-flowering aster
Aster linariifolius
stiff aster
Aster longifolius
Robyn's aster
Aster macrophyllus
large-leaved aster
Aster modestus
northwestern sticky aster
Aster novae-angliae
New England aster
Aster oblongifolius
oblong-leaved aster
Aster ontarionis
Ontario aster
Aster oolentangiensis
sky-blue aster
Aster pilosus
white old-field aster
Aster praealtus
willow-leaved aster
Aster prenanthoides
zigzag aster
Aster puniceus
swamp aster
Aster sagittifolius
white arrowleaf aster
Aster sericeus
western silvery aster
Aster shortii
Short's aster
Aster subulatus
eastern annual saltmarsh aster
Aster umbellatus
tall flat-topped white aster
Balsamita major
Bellis perennis
lawn daisy
Bidens aristosa
swamp marigold
Bidens cernua
nodding bur-marigold
Bidens connata
purple-stemmed tickseed
Bidens discoidea
swamp beggar-ticks
Bidens frondosa
devil's beggar-ticks
Bidens pilosa
Spanish needles
Bidens vulgata
tall beggar-ticks
Boltonia asteroides
white doll's-daisy
Calendula officinalis
Carduus acanthoides
spiny plumeless thistle
Carduus nutans
nodding thistle
Centaurea americana
Centaurea biebersteinii
spotted knapweed
Centaurea cyanus
Centaurea diffusa
white knapweed
Centaurea jacea
brown-ray knapweed
Centaurea macrocephala
yellow bachelor's button
Centaurea melitensis
Maltese star-thistle
Centaurea montana
mountain cornflower
Centaurea nigra
lesser knapweed
Centaurea nigrescens
Vochin knapweed
Centaurea repens
Russian knapweed
Centaurea scabiosa
Centaurea solstitialis
yellow star-thistle
Cirsium altissimum
roadside thistle
Cirsium arvense
field thistle
Cirsium discolor
prairie thistle
Cirsium flodmanii
prairie thistle
Cirsium hillii
prairie thistle
Cirsium muticum
swamp thistle
Cirsium palustre
marsh thistle
Cirsium pitcheri
sand dune thistle
Cirsium undulatum
wavy-leaved thistle
Cirsium vulgare
common thistle
Cnicus benedictus
blessed thistle